Maximizing Your Home’s Value: Top Tips for Selling This Spring

1. Find the Right REALTOR

A good REALTOR will be your partner through the complicated process of selling your home. They will market it appropriately, negotiate the best price, and facilitate the more challenging aspects of the sale to ensure things are running smoothly. An experienced REALTOR will be able to prepare you for what’s to come, set reasonable expectations, will maximize your ROI, and should always be available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

2.  Make Any Necessary Repairs

Make a punch list of any of the repairs that you have been putting off because…let’s be real. Life gets busy and we often tend to learn to live with imperfections. Leaky faucets, dinged walls, doors and drawers that are difficult to open and close, low water pressure,and  improperly latched doors are just some of the issues that should be addressed BEFORE your listing goes live. Lean on your REALTOR for their recommendations that minimize spend while providing the greatest ROI.  

3. Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

Power washing your house and driveway, trimming up foliage and pulling any weeds, and cleaning up debris and pet waste from the long winter are just a few things that can liven up the exterior of your home. If you can, touching up paint around the exterior doors and window trims is another easy way to update the look of your home. Consider adding a pop of color with flowers, plants, or fresh front door paint. Whichever door the potential buyers will be entering for showings, make sure it is well lit, clean of all debris, and easy to enter.

4. Spring Clean EVERYTHING

Take some time to deep clean your whole house. Pay special attention to bathrooms and the kitchen, including under sinks and vanities, and clean out the clutter from drawers. Don’t forget to dust the blades of your ceiling fans, wipe down your appliances (inside and out), wash windows (inside and out), and install screens where available. 

Strapped for time or energy? Have your house professionally cleaned, including the carpets if needed. REMOVE any odors from the house. Don’t try to mask them!

5. Declutter and De-personalize

Clearing out some of your personal touches will help buyers imagine themselves making your house their new home. It also makes less for you to pack when your home sells too. Clean, clear surfaces make a major impact on potential buyers. Tidy up the garage, nicely stack up your totes in the basement, and if it doesn’t “spark joy”, get rid of it! 

Removing family photos and other distractions allows the buyers to focus on the home itself, rather than feeling like they are getting to know your family.

6. Freshen Up Your Spaces

If your walls are showing the wear and tear of daily living, a fresh coat of neutral paint can make a room feel renewed and welcoming. If you’re not up for painting, be sure to give your walls a good washing. While you are at it, clean all baseboards and remove any cobwebs found in the corners. An easy and cost effective upgrade would be to replace your drawer pulls and knobs if they are showing their age or are dated. You don’t need to have a brand-new kitchen or bathroom, but these rooms are the biggest sellers! Small tweaks such as installing new faucets, new light fixtures, adding a backsplash, cleaning existing or re-grouting tile, and caulking the shower, tub, floor and sink make a lasting impression.  

8. Home Staging

Highlight your home’s best features both inside and outside! Contemplate removing a piece (or two) of furniture from each room to open it up and show off its spaciousness. Remove or pack up items that aren’t used on a daily basis. As silly as it sounds, ensure the brightness of your lightbulbs are consistent in each room. Pull out and dust off the patio furniture to create an inviting outdoor space as well.

9.  Pre-listing Home Inspection

Opting to have a pre-listing home inspection could be very beneficial in identifying any unbeknownst defects or safety hazards. This allows sellers to address them before placing their home on the market. It can provide a seller with confidence when accepting an offer when they  know that there shouldn’t be any unwelcome surprises during a buyer’s inspection period, making the transaction as smooth as possible.

New Trends Emerging in Spring 2023 Real Estate Market for Buyers and Sellers Alike

Listing a property early in the spring can be advantageous as it is a popular time for home buyers to start looking for properties. Spring typically brings warmer weather, longer daylight hours, and a renewed sense of energy. All of these qualities make it an ideal time for people to search for and move into a new home. Additionally, many families with children prefer to purchase a new home in the spring or early summer to coincide with the end of the school year. However, it is important to note that our local housing inventory has been extremely low for the past 3+ years. 

Therefore if you’re thinking about selling… The time is NOW!

If we happen to see a traditional spring real estate market where there is ample inventory, it’s best to get ahead of the rush and list sooner than later. The real estate market forecast for spring 2023 remains hopeful; limited inventory coupled with the desire to achieve the American Dream will continue to fuel a competitive sellers market at certain price points locally. 

Due to the basic economics of supply and demand, home values will continue to see gains however at less intensity of the past few years. Despite what your neighbor read or what the fear mongering media has projected, the market will not crash…again based on simple economics. While interest rates are certainly higher than a year ago, the current rates are still below the national historic average (7.75%). Comparatively speaking, today’s interest rates are considerably lower than the 18-20% that were commonplace in the early eighties. 

A common philosophy in today’s market in regards to higher interest rates and home buying is “marry the house, date the rate”, which simply implies if you yearn for home ownership, do not let the interest rates prohibit you from buying. Secure the home of your dreams with the intention of refinancing once the rates come back down. There are many creative lending options available to ease the financial burden of the rising rates. Speak to a qualified lender to learn more! 

Laura K’s Personalized Approach to Real Estate Helps Buyers and Sellers Achieve Success

Laura K All Day has a track record of success in the La Porte County real estate market with over 10 million dollars in sales annually. With over 10 years of experience representing both buyers and sellers, Laura has a deep understanding of the local real estate market including trends and pricing, and will provide you with valuable insights and advice. Laura understands that the market is fluid and ever changing; she does not engage in a one size fits all approach.  
Give her a call to take advantage of the Laura K All Day difference!